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Involvement in personal litigation is often a stressful experience for individuals.  Andrew Freed provides stellar litigation representation to individuals who are involved in a legal claim or lawsuit.  To build proper communications and efficient working relationships with his clients, Mr. Freed involves his clients at every stage of the proceedings, from early case evaluation, strategy development, and trial.

He works with each client to find the most expeditious and cost-effective means of successfully resolving a dispute. He provides a realistic evaluation of the merits of a case and recommends the appropriate strategy to maximize the chance for success.  Mr. Freed takes pride in his professional reputation and his record of favorable results for his clients.

Personal Litigation Areas

  • Financial Institutions and Advisors
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Breach of Contract
  • Negligence
I lost my entire life savings due to the actions of an unscrupulous financial advisor at a large national financial services company. Distraught, I turned to Andy, even though I had little hope anyone would be able to help me. Andy fought with the brokerage firm and quickly forced them to return all of my savings. It is not an exaggeration to say that Andy saved my life. I could not be more grateful for his help.
— Financial Advisor litigation client

Personal Litigation Results

  • Successfully sued major global financial services firm and recovered high six figure settlements on behalf of foreign investors who fell victim to Ponzi scheme perpetrated by registered financial advisor. 
  • Mid-six figure settlement of claims against national brokerage company on behalf of investors who lost majority of life savings to unsuitable trading during bust of dot-com bubble. 
  • Recovered mid-six figure settlement from national banking institution for improperly honoring redemption order from hedge fund in client's account.  
  • Successfully recovered mid-six figure settlement from financial advisory firm for failing to follow trade instructions during 2008 financial crisis.
  • Mid-six figure settlement against national financial services conglomerate for failing to timely honor checks deposited by client shortly before her death resulting in severe estate tax implications. 
  • Six-figure judgment against financial advisor on behalf of client who lost bulk of retirement savings due to unsuitable investments.  
  • Settlement obtained from Massachusetts hospital when employee pursued personal vendetta by improperly accessing patient's sensitive, private medical records and disclosed their contents to third parties.